20 Amazon Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Saturday, December 1, 2018

It’s the time of year for buying gifts for all the people you love in your life, including the book lovers. After Black Friday, I hardly ever have time to actually go to the store, so I like to buy my remaining gifts on Amazon. Not only is Amazon fast (Yay Prime!), but you can also earn cash back in certain departments with Ebates.

Ebates is a website where you can earn cash back from buying online at your favorite stores. I have personally used Ebates multiple times and I have always been pleased with the cashback I’ve earned. I mean, if you’re going to be shopping online, why not get money back? You can sign up for Ebates here and begin earning cash back at all your favorite stores, including Amazon. If you sign up using this link, if you spend $25 you will automatically earn $10.

Now let’s get into the 20 Amazon gift ideas for book lovers. Click the link for each one to go straight to Amazon to purchase. Some items are exact, while others are more flexible things you can surely find on Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers

1. Phone Clip Ring Light

This isn’t a normal gift for book lovers, but if you have a friend with a bookstagram, this is a quick way to get some light, in order to take the perfect picture.

2. Cute Bookmark

Everyone has thought of this, but if your person has a specific series they enjoy, it’s easy to find fandom related bookmarks.

3. USB to Micro-USB Charger Cord (Spare E-Reader Charger)

With tablets and iPads becoming more popular to read off of, it would be cool to get a spare charger if your person uses one. Make sure to get one with extra length, so they can charge and read in bed.

4. Hermitshell Hard Case

If your person loves audiobooks, a good idea would be to get them a case to hold their headphones and chargers. This would make it where they would never lose what they need to enjoy a book.

5. Bath Related Products

A lot of people’s favorite place to read a book is in the bath, so throw a bath bomb or some bubble bath in their stocking.

Larger Gift Ideas

6. Anything Fandom Related

T-shirts, mugs, Funko Pop figurines are all perfect ideas if someone enjoys reading a book with a strong fandom.

7. A Book

Obvious, but any reader would love a book they have been itching to get.

8. Kindle Paperwhite

If you’re in the market for a bigger item, this would be the perfect idea for someone trying to downsize their personal physical book collection.

9. Book Ends

Bookshelves are close to always being full, but if there is a pesky book falling, a bookend is what a reader needs.

10. Bath Tray

Following on the lines of the bath related stocking stuffer, a bath tray is perfect for someone who loves taking their books in the bath.

11. Framed Art with Their Favorite Book Quote

A treasured piece for years to come and a cute way to remind them of their favorite book.

12. Audible Subscription

Does your friend always complain they don’t have enough time to read? Let them try Audible and they can read on their commute, or while doing chores.

13. Mug Set

Most people like reading a book with a warm cup of coffee or tea. Give them a new favorite mug. Bonus points if it is fandom related or has a book quote.

14. Amazon Gift Card

Cliche, but they will be able to get whatever book they wanted.

15. A Box Set of Their Favorite Series

While someone might love a book series, they may not own a full set if they borrowed from a library. Fill up their bookshelf with a wonderful box set and watch them get excited about reading these books all over again.

16. Movie Adaptation of their Favorite Book

Was their favorite book turned into a movie? Get them the movie version and let them tell you the book was better.

17. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

Most book people are always sharing their favorite reads. Make them feel like a true librarian with this cute kit!

18. Gift Republic 100 Books Bucket List Poster

This poster is perfect for a book lover that isn’t sure what to read yet. Scratch off each book when completed to create a beautiful art piece.

19. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Nothing is worse than noise when trying to read. These headphones will make sure your reader has perfect quiet.

20. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Great Drinkers Shot Glasses

Mix reading with drinking and you get these wonderful shot glasses.

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