How to Write Your Novel in a Year

Saturday, May 30, 2020

I have always wanted to write a novel. It has seriously been my dream since reading other indie authors and going through workshops in college. I have always felt like it was my calling. However, I am a writer that struggles with imposter syndrome and time management. I needed to find a way to set and accomplish goals, so I could finally fulfill my dream.

After watching Angie Bellemare’s YouTube video, “How to Make it ALL Happen This Year,” everything clicked in my head. In this video, Angie discusses the idea of bubble goals. Bubble goals are little goals you can accomplish each day to keep moving the needle forward on your big goal. I decided to figure out what my daily bubble goal would need to be for me to finish my novel, The Midnight Huntress, by the end of 2020. By doing this, I have figured out how you (and I) can write your novel in a year. No BS. Just math and dedication.

The Math

The average novel is 50,000 words. In order to finish a novel in 12 months, you would need to write 1,667 words a month. When you break that down into weeks and days, in order to finish a novel in one year, you would only have to write 150 words a day. By setting a bubble goal of 150 words a day, you will actually finish drafting a novel in 333 days. This leaves you an extra 30 days to do a small revision.

150 words a day is minuscule. It takes me personally 15 to 20 minutes a day to do that. I can easily find 15 minutes a day to reach my goal of writing a novel. Not only is this goal manageable, but it also allows you to create a daily writing habit that is essential to finishing your work-in-progress without leading to burnout.

Will This Really Work?

As long as you stick with the daily 150-word writing goal, you will always finish drafting your novel. I find that even though my daily goal is 150 words, I end up falling into a rhythm with my writing. Before I know it, I’ve written way more than 150 words. This daily habit writing goal will have you finishing your novel way before the year is up just by making sure you show up every day.

The 150 words writing goal is simply a way to set yourself an attainable goal that isn’t scary, but keeps the needle always moving forward on your project. Commit to this goal now, so we can all be reading amazing books in 2021!

Extra Resources

If you need any help with writing techniques or planning your novel, please feel free to check out my writing tips section of my blog. If you need an accountability partner or beta-reader for your work-in-progress, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram. I’m looking forward to finishing novels with all of you!

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