The Two Best Things About Writing Nonfiction

Saturday, January 27, 2018

After many weeks of “serious” and intelligent posts, I thought I would take the time this week to write a more “fun” post. This will be my fifth year writing/studying creative nonfiction and I have definitely learned a few positives and negative points when it comes to writing nonfiction. Today, (in good spirits) I’m going to lay out for you the top two positives and top two negatives about writing nonfiction.

Book Review: 'the princess saves herself in this one' by amanda lovelace

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Today is an exciting day. Why do you ask? Because today marks the first in many book reviews I plan to do on The Writing Addict. I’ve reviewed podcasts and audiobooks, so it only makes sense to add physical books to the list. To begin the series, I’ve decided to review the princess saves herself in this one by amanda lovelace.

How to Write a Braided Essay

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A braided essay is a popular structure for creative nonfiction essays. Braided essays generally use 2-3 moments or topics and create an essay surrounding an event or question. While collage style essays are a personal favorite of mine, I love a good braided essay too, like many readers. This may explain why braided essays are used by many authors to entertain readers including Joann Beard, Chelsea Biondolillo, and Anna Redsand to name a few.

But what is a braided essay, and how do I incorporate it in my writing? Don’t worry reader/writer, I’m here to lay it all out for you, so you can be on your way writing braided essays in no time.

6 Things to Consider When Trying Audiobooks

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Audiobooks have grown in popularity over the past few years thanks to Audible and other streaming services. At first, I thought audiobooks were weird because I couldn’t imagine listening to books instead of reading them. However, over the past few months, I have reconsidered my opinion. I’ve grown to love listening to audiobooks.

If I have learned anything over the course of my writing life, it’s that reading for inspiration is essential. I said it in my “4 Things I Learned from My College Writing Program,” but writers cannot work in a vacuum. Therefore, it’s essential for writers to be voracious readers. But, it’s difficult to find time for work, chores, writing, reading, and life in general. Sure, you can prioritize, or you can discover the time-saving wonder of audiobooks. Nothing is without its pro and cons, so here are six things to consider when diving into audiobooks.
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