The 3 Most Embarrassing Poems I've Written

Saturday, January 26, 2019

I love the concept of new year, new me. It’s wonderful to hide all of the embarrassing moments of the past year and move on with your life. However, I also think that at times you have to remember where you came from, which struck the idea for this blog post.
In case you wonder why I don’t write poetry, it’s because I wrote poetry as an emotional preteen and teenager. I never really wanted to edit myself to make it worthy of praise, so instead, I left myself with emotional vomit everywhere (this is probably why I contain my emotional vomit to prose these days). The problem with this is that I keep EVERYTHING, including all of my cringe poems from middle school and high school. To provide you with some humor and to provide me with some humility, I present 3 embarrassing (in my opinion) poems from my youth.

The Potential Break-Up Poem

I thought it would be better,
Not worse,
You always look right through me,
I might as well be in a hearse,
Another headache,
Another bad night,
Another day without the person I knew,
Is this what I deserve?
I’m not quite sure,
But I don’t just want to be your chore.
I just feel empty,
I don’t know how this will work,
When I get ready to leave,
Then you stop acting like a jerk,
If this is where I am now,
How will we last in a couple of months?
I blame myself this time for everything,
But that’s hard to do when,
You don’t know what you did wrong,
We don’t talk,
You don’t want me,
I’m putting in 70,
But you’re only putting in 25,
We’re not going to survive,
If you’re done with me,
Please let me go,
One broken promise won’t make
Anything any worse.

Love is Blind </3

You were so beautiful,
Perfectly sculpted,
Great Personality,
But then you said something that made you ugly,
I always knew love was blind,
But I must have been wearing really great goggles,
Because the words you used to say sounded like music,
Now that the goggles are gone,
Everything you say makes my stomach churn,
Your laugh makes my skin crawl,
Those must have been some great
Love blinding goggles.

My & Your Schedule (It Happens Everytime)

Well I guess I’m sorry that I,
Don’t fit into your schedule,
Always going, never stopping,
Yet I’m not the one moving,

I’m really glad you found the
One that makes your life worthwhile,
But since when does that put me
In second place?

So please hand me my trophy,
Because I’m tired of running the same race

Because obviously you’ve reprioritized,
Best friend is just a title,
You don’t need me anymore,
And I just laugh thinking about
The day you’re stuck alone,
Because you’ve burned all your bridges,
And you just won’t fit into my

I hope you enjoyed these lovely poems from my youth. Please let me know if you would like more of this because I have a whole stack of these gems. Comment below or let me know on social media if you also have poems like this.

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