15 Gift Ideas for Writers

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Finding gifts for writers can be challenging. What do they want? How can you help them celebrate their craft? Can I buy it online? To answer those questions, I’ve created a gift guide of 15 things to buy the writer in your life. If you’re looking for the book lovers in your life, I’ve already released a gift guide for them here.

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Now onto the writer gift ideas!

1. Scrivener Subscription

Upgrade your writer from Microsoft Word to Scrivener. Scrivener is a program that allows writers to work in a project outline and contain all of their research. At the end of all their writing, Scrivener will also export their final draft into popular publishing formats. Getting your writer this program can be a game changer on how they write since it comes with an app and computer program. 

2. Digital Notebook that Turns Handwritten Notes Digital

I love a good handwritten story or outline, but it can be a pain to retype and store. Streamline this process for your writer friends and give them this cool notebook!

3. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic is an inspirational book on creativity that can get any writer excited about writing again. This book contains words of wisdom and real-life stories from author Elizabeth Gilbert. If your writer is struggling with staying motivated, this will get them back up and going.

4. Keyboard for iPad

If your friend is already using an iPad, make it even better for writing by getting them a keyboard. They will be able to take their iPad on the go anywhere and use it to write. I personally love mine. Best gift I ever got for myself.

5. Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Staring at a screen for a long time can cause headaches and strain eyes. Help your friend out and gift them blue light filtering glasses, so they can write for longer without eye strain.

6. 2019 Writer's Market Guide

If you or a friend is planning on publishing in the upcoming year, this book is key. The 2019 Writers Guide provides them with resources of almost all publishing houses and gives tips for submittal. 

7. Writer’s Retreat

Sometimes we need a getaway. Many areas have a writing “camp” or retreat that writers can attend to get away from life and only focus on their writing. The best gift you can give is a vacation.

8. Noise Blocking Headphones

Nothing is worse than noise when trying to write. These headphones will make sure your writer has perfect quiet or only has to listen to their playlist.

9. Book by Their Favorite Author

Writers pull a lot of inspiration from their favorite authors. Try to find a book by their favorite author and give it to them. Not only will it give them something new to read, but it will also provide inspiration.

10. An Experience

Writer write from experience, so give them one! A short vacation or fun activity can really come in handy later on for something to write about.

11. Huge Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important, but you don’t always want to get up when writing. Get them a huge water bottle (times on it even better) to keep your writer focused and hydrated.

12. Their Vice

Every writer has something that helps them get in the writing zone that they need to write. For some, it’s coffee, candy, or alcohol. Figure out what your writer likes to have and make it into a gift basket.

13. Spotify Premium

It is nice to create playlists to listen to for your work in progress while writing, but it sucks when an ad comes on in the middle of a sentence. Get them Spotify premium and they will never have to worry about it again. This is also great because it translates into other parts of their life!

14. Writing Class

Instead of a writing retreat, give your writer a class they can do in their own home. With the creation of Master Class and Skill Share, you can easily gift a writing class that can last for years to come.

15. Support Their Work

Does your writer have a blog or a published book? Nothing makes someone feel better than feeling supported. Buy their book and have them sign it! Leave comments on their blog, or share a post with friends. The best gift of all can be support from friends and family.

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