5 Podcasts I Couldn't Finish

Saturday, February 9, 2019

There are good podcasts and then there are rough (I don’t want to say bad--because I don’t think any podcast is “bad”) podcasts. I try to give every podcast I stumble upon a fair shot, but some podcasts, I just can’t get through listening no matter how hard I try. Below, I’ve listed five podcasts that I couldn’t get through listening. Please remember that this is my opinion and if you love these podcasts, keep listening. Trust me, I know they’re popular (and I know I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this).

My Favorite Murder by Exactly Right/ Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

I know My Favorite Murder is a cult favorite podcast in the true crime genre, but I couldn’t finish one episode. In the hour and a half episode, I attempted to listen to, the hosts never actually got to the true crime portion. I understand podcasts require advertisements in order to make a profit, but the entirety of the podcast shouldn’t be this. When I tried to listen to My Favorite Murder, all I heard for 30+ minutes was advertisements and announcements. Call me harsh, but I don’t have the patience for that. If I come for true crime, I expect true crime. If you have a favorite episode of My Favorite Murder, please let me know. I would love to give it another try, but I refuse to listen to a podcast of only advertisements.

Welcome to Nightvale by Night Vale Presents

Welcome to Nightvale started as a quirky radio show that kept me guessing and intrigued. I found it amusing because it characterized how crazy a small neighborhood can get over the simplest things. However, the longer I listened to other episodes, the podcast got repetitive. It seemed like nothing new was going on in the town and the same jokes about the “strange things” were being told over and over. While I could listen to this podcast for a few episodes, the more episodes I listened to, the more boring it got. I could recommend Welcome to Nightvale who wants to listen to a fictional podcast with dry humor about strange aliens, etc, but I can't recommend listening to more than 3 or 4 episodes.

Unsolved Murders by Parcast Network

There are a lot of podcasts that I enjoy by the Parcast Network, but Unsolved Murders is not one of them. The true crime stories told in this podcast are fantastic and the voice actors are talented. However, what ruins this podcast for me is the host Wenndy Mackenzie. Every time there is a lull in the story, or you are being fed a lot of information, she has to break up the podcast by asking the other host, Carter Roy, a dumb question. If Carter told her the grass was green because someone sprayed it with green spray paint, Wenndy will say, “You mean the grass was spray painted?” It’s a minuscule detail, but it annoys me enough that I can stand to listen to this show (I’m not the only one either). If you can get past the hosts, Unsolved Murders has great content.

Guys We F***ed by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson

I have listened to a few episodes of Guys We F***ed and enjoyed them, but I would say this podcast is hit or miss. I think the hosts have great chemistry and they make me laugh, but some episodes are too drawn out with ads or are just not as amusing. Therefore, this podcast didn’t draw me in enough to make me want to listen to every episode. I wouldn’t rank this podcasts as the worst on this list, but I would say exercise discretion when choosing an episode if you prefer more concise podcasts. Since I prefer listening to 30-45 minute podcasts, Guys We F***ed runs a little long for me.

Last Podcast on the Left by The Last Podcast Network

I really wanted to like the Last Podcast on the Left, but unfortunately, I can’t see myself tuning back in. I found the podcast really funny and informative at first, but other aspects landed it on this list. First of all, the funny banter pushed it a little too far for me. I have a high tolerance for offensive stuff, but in the episode I listened to, the hosts made a whole skit out of Jesus’s crucifixion, which I found to be a bit much. If it was one or two jokes, I could have ignored it, but a full routine about it in the intro portion pushed the envelope a bit too far. The episodes are also over an hour long, therefore I also couldn’t finish a whole episode because I ran out of time and had to pause it too much. I don’t think Last Podcast on the Left is a bad podcast, but I think it is made for listeners with a bit more dark humor than I have. Out of all the podcasts on this list, this is the only one I would consider trying again.

If you disliked one of these podcasts, let me know in the comments why. If you have any others that you think should be on this list as well, tell me below too.

If you want a list of podcasts I enjoy, check out this post and this post. Happy listening!

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